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Frequently Asked Questions

For the MKM scholarship application the student must have at least a minimum CGPA of 2.0 and need to be interviewed. Whereas for SKM scholarships, the current CGPA must be 3.0. For full scholarship students must graduate with CGPA 3.0 for MKM and 3.5 for SKM. There are also students who apply for their own state scholarships and foundations.

Overall, RM 16,988 for 2 years and half (7 semesters)

Students can apply for the Malaysian Cooperative College (MKM) and Malaysian Cooperative Trust (SKM) scholarship when the ad application is opened and the application must be based on the latest semester results.

The college advised students to apply for PTPTN in the first semester because PTPTN allowed students to receive additional scholarships and can cancel PTPTN after receiving a new scholarship.

Earn at least 3 credits in any SPM subject and its equivalent. For students who are weak in Mathematics and English, the college will hold additional classes during their studies.

Diploma is recognized by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and Public Service Department (PSD). For a Diploma in Co-operative Management it has been fully accredited by MQA. For information, not all HEIs and IPTAs have a full program of credits.

Graduates are mostly employed in government and private sectors (cooperatives) and have the opportunity to pursue their undergraduate studies. The Ministry (KPNDKK) also provides a Co-operative Career Training Scheme program in cooperatives throughout Malaysia for 6 months. Graduates selected will be given a monthly allowance of RM1000.

No registration fees apply. The college has committed a RM500 commitment fee as part of the semester 1 tuition fees required before the registration. New students can apply for PTPTN upon registration. The college allows them to continue their studies even though they have not received any funding. Students have 2 payment options:
1. In installments
2. Easy Payment via Bank Rakyat credit card.